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Warren Innovative Technologies, LLC

Warren Innovative Technologies, LLC TorClamp Suppressor Vise Clamp (Torque Clamp = TorClamp)

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Once our inventory of each size of the Energetic Armament Vox Blox runs out (Click HERE to see them), we will be exclusively offering our own Warren Innovative Technologies, LLC TorClamp Vise Clamps.

These are available for order now if you would prefer to have one over the Vox Blox.

Why are these better than other options on the market? Traction! Your can will not slip and rotate inside these clamps. The gripping surface isn't smooth and your can won't rotate under torque.

Also, there are more TorClamp sizes available (17) than there are for Vox Blox (9). Need a custom size? Select the top option in the drop-down list when purchasing and let us know what diameter you need by using the CONTACT US button.  A custom size is $15 more.

These are made from carbon fiber reinforced high temperature nylon and 3D printed on demand on our new high speed machine.

Each one has a hole in the corner for attaching a lanyard (Dummy Cord).

Need a 2.00" size for the GSL Phoenix? One is included with our #23 Phoenix Socket HERE.

Download the TorClamp Instructional PDF HERE. A paper copy of this manual is NOT included with each TorClamp, so here is the place to get it.

Need an Energetic Armament Vox Blox? Click HERE to see what's still in stock.

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