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Warren Innovative Technologies, LLC

Warren Innovative Technologies, LLC 34-204 1-1/4" Pin Spanner (Carbon Composite)

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New!! By customer request:

The longer legacy 3-lug mount from Silencerco was discontinued some years ago and they're somewhat sought after, as they don't use up any blast chamber volume on the Omega 9K and 45K series (like the current flush ones do), thereby making them noticeably quieter (to our ear, anyway). They can be disassembled with a specific steel pin spanner from Armstrong (Tool number 34-204) but those are usually (if not always) sold out. Adjustable pin spanners are available but we were concerned (as was the aforementioned customer) that it could damage the hard coat anodized finish and aluminum surface on this hard-to-find mount.

So, we came up with a chopped carbon microfiber reinforced nylon design that has a 1/8" X 5/8" dowel pin inserted into the "hook" for reinforcement. It will withstand serious torque AND not damage the finish.

Here is everything you need for Omega 9/45K maintenance in addition to this tool:

01 Omega 9/45K all-in-one socket (Click HERE)

1.48" Vise Clamp (Click HERE)

For the Octane 9/45:

03 Octane 9/45 all-in-one socket (Click HERE - Choose the regular 03 socket or the 03* with Alpha 3-pin spanner feature)

1.38" Vise Clamp (Click HERE)

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