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Bassen 3D

Bassen 3D Read Description For Update: PEI Dual Sided Smooth/Textured Magnetic Flexible Build Plate: Bambu Lab X1

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We have stopped carrying these. If you'd like to contact the manufacturer, email them HERE.


Bassen 3D PEI Dual Sided Smooth/Textured Magnetic Flexible Build Plate for the Bambu Lab X1 Carbon 3D printer.

Feel free to CONTACT US with any questions.

Customer Feedback:

I purchased a PEI sheet for the Bambu Lab X1C 3D printer from your company. They are MUCH better than the Bambu Lab provided sheets. Yours are much more solid, heavy and "stick" to the magnetic surface better.




With the latest updates, I have to wait until the printer displays the error message about it not being able to find the QR code on the plate so I can hit resume.


Go to the second icon down on the left, then to print options top right then deselect enable detection of build plate position. The only caveat is it disable it completely so it will not detect any plate position issue. (See picture with relevant settings)

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