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Warren Innovative Technologies, LLC

Warren Innovative Technologies, LLC PEQ-LEAF Front Sight Tool Bit

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By customer request:

We developed a Railscales PEQ-LEAF front sight adjustment tool bit for the Fix-It-Sticks system and similar 1/4" hex bit handles.


The larger factory tool is made of aluminum, which means the four tiny tabs that push in the two detents and rotate the sight post are susceptible to bending. Spare tools of this particular type are not readily available for purchase.

Made of 300C maraging alloy using a selective laser sintering (SLS) 3D printing process, the tabs are considerably stronger and the bit is magnetically attracted, so it's usable by any 1/4" tool bit holder.

The contour is ergonomic by itself and has a slot for a lanyard which still allows a bit handle to be used.

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