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Warren Innovative Technologies, LLC

Warren Innovative Technologies, LLC 00* 1/2" Socket Adapter for the Energetic Armament Steel Hook Spanner

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We've had some customers with Dead Air Wolfman suppressors who are using the KeyMicro mounts instead of 3-lug or direct thread units, so they need to use a steel hook spanner like the Energetic Armament one that we sell, which has a hexagonal feature on one end for the Vox S and K front caps. They still need the Wolfman/Wolf-9SD/Ghost front cap pin spanner on the socket and may at some point need to use the mount features on it.

It occurred to us that the steel spanner could be used as a socket handle if there were a clever adapter that has the 1/2" square piece that we use in our 3D printed lightweight handle design.

So, we developed it. The socket (Wolf-9SD version shown) snaps into place, retaining the adapter to the spanner and allowing torque to be transferred to the socket via the hexagonal feature. The paracord handle is used to pull the adapter away from the socket with one hand while pushing against the steel surface with the other. The metal handle does not interfere with the socket features.

This adapter is made from carbon fiber reinforced high temperature nylon.

The Energetic Armament Steel Hook Spanner is available HERE.

NOTE: Since the ball detent socket retention feature is used to keep this adapter in place, care must be taken to ensure that the adapter and steel spanner are properly engaged when applying torque to the socket.

A customer requested a video of how the pull handle is used to separate the socket, steel hook spanner and the #00* adapter. You can download that video HERE.

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